7 reasons to attend the Hartree Hackathon on IBM Watson (18-20 May)

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Cognitive technologies are transforming how we understand, learn and make use of big data.

From the 18-20 May 2016, we’re holding our first Hartree hackathon event, with our partners at IBM Watson.

The plan? To give developers, designers (as a side note – we really need people who can create a great design and user interface!) and entrepreneurs/SMEs the chance to learn new skills using Watson tools, have fun and create an amazing new mobile or web-based app.

But why bother? There are loads of hackathons taking place these days… Here’s our seven reasons to choose ours and come to the Hartree Hack:

1. Learn new skills – Make the most of the condensed, intensive learning experience this hack offers. Soak up the expertise available and develop industry-relevant skills you can put into practice in your current and future work.

2. Make connections – Mingle with the experts and connect with like-minded coders, designers and entrepreneurs to build up your network. You never know who you might meet – the person sitting next to you at the Hartree Hack might be your next business partner!

3. Discover the possibilities of existing and emerging technologies – Where else can you get your hands on some of the world’s most innovative big data and cognitive technologies alongside access to experts who can help you use it? At the Hartree Hack you’ll be able to trial and get to grips with services from IBM Watson.

4. Create something amazing- Our everyday business tasks don’t always give us much scope for creativity – the Hartree Hack is the perfect place to let your imagination run wild, and get recognition for it!

5. You own what you create- So you can take away what your team makes at the Hartree Hack to exploit as you wish. Use it to improve an existing product or service, generate an entirely new business concept – or bin it and start over, it’s entirely up to you.

6. Win a prize – Well, a hackathon is a competition after all! Bring out your competitive streak and win up to £25,000 worth of support from STFC (T&Cs apply) in developing your cognitive idea into a fully-fledged product, service or business.

7. Get a free lunch
We know what really motivates you… It’s all very well creating an innovation that could change the world, but no one created a multi-million pound business on an empty stomach. At the very least, you will come away from the Hartree Hack fed and watered – but we hope you’ll leave with much, much more!

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